Shooting You

Finger brush the hairpin trigger

Red laser cut blue cigarette smoke

Serpentine thick black hair

Shutter snap

Paper white skin

Swollen red lips

Magnesium air slicked film

Shooting you,

I am shooting you.


Through the scope

Focus negative you

Reflect back on me

Hunter’s sepia hue

Crimson emulsion memory

Blood-flecked landscape

Flash flood light spill across dull night passage

Exposing you,

I am exposing you.


Hit the matte

Lay flat across the sensor

Printed skinned tattoo artist

Latent image dead beyond the lens

Quivering prey line morning dew tag list



Processing you,

I am processing you…


Developing you,

I am developing you…


My perfect, digital, you.


I lied to you –

When I shot you.

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