Close Encounters

“Fuck me”, she demanded, peeling off her tank top and kissing him deeply.

As their tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, he struggled to undo her bra clasp as she fumbled with opening his belt. Giving up, he just pulled her bra up over her head revealing her gorgeous, beautifully proportionate tits. He released himself from her lips and kissed her lightly down the back of her neck, feeling the excited goose pimples rising on her skin.

She pulled down his pants and reached into his underwear and gently, but rapidly, pulled on his cock as his kisses worked down to her rock-hard nipples which he sucked on feverishly.

She threw back her head and groaned, running her fingers through his hair.

Sliding two fingers deep inside her slick pussy, he lifted her up off her feet and threw her on the bed. His tongue slid slowly down towards her navel, as his fingers worked her pussy, and continued down until it met her glistening clit. Taking it in his mouth, he flicked his tongue back and forth over it, like playing an instrument as she sang in time. After a few minutes she clawed the bed sheets and howled into the ceiling, her hips bucking in uncontrollable spasms, as he drew her out.

“Come here,” she gasped, looking down at his drenched face between her legs. “It’s my turn.”

He wiped his face and straddled her across her chest.

“Give it to me”, she said as he shoved his cock deep inside her mouth. He slammed his hands against the bed frame as he felt the back of her throat thirstily grip and pull on the tip of his cock.

Feeling his balls tighten in the palm of her hand she pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked: “You want to cum in my mouth or fuck me? Whatever you want, baby!”

Without answering her, he flipped her over and hoisted her ass up into the air. Plunging his cock deep inside her, he pumped her relentlessly as her tits and hair bounced back and forth. She dug her teeth into the bed sheets, suppressing the desire to scream in delight. Feeling him about to cum, she reached back and spread her ass-cheeks with both hands so he could see everything.

In rapid spasms, he drained every drop of cum inside his balls deep inside her. She moaned with each climactic thrust before he collapsed on top of her.

He pressed his cheek against her downturned panting face and kissed her.

“That was awesome,” he said.

“Do it again soon,” she replied happily.


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