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In the middle of the raging night

I slip the key into the door

Creaking open on its hinges

Bust of Pallas groans “no more, no more”


It has been a long, long year since I dared come back up here

The chamber with haunted butterflies

Perched on smashed up photographs

Tear stains on their wings –


I gaze upon our wedding bed

Where my letter still lays unread

Picking up the sealed envelope

Yellow paper crumbles into dust


The greatest words I ever wrote…

And I cannot remember now what it was I said


I draw open the cob-webbed curtains

Starry, starry night

Crooked rooftops smeared out across bruised fields

To the churning, tormented sea

Thick, soft light bleeds from leaded windows

Almost happily


My glassy eyes begin to roam:


I wonder if you are out there

I wonder if you are home.


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