Addendum to my Last Will and Testament

* To readers of this blog, if any, please do not be alarmed by this entry. I have no intention of dying anytime soon (although I realize this might come as a disappointment to some). While the contents of this entry will be communicated individually to my family and the liquidators of my succession, I am also putting my wishes in the public domain through this blog in case of any misunderstanding.

Foreword (prior to my death)

If I am rendered incapacitated by illness and/or injury to the extent that I am incapable of terminating my own life and/or communicating my desire to have my life terminated by another (including but not restricted to brain death, persistent vegetative state, paralysis, locked-in syndrome, etc.):

It is my express wish that my life be so terminated by anyone by discontinuing life support or by any other means.

After my death

–          Section II of my Last Will and Testament [hereafter Will] states: “I leave my funeral arrangements to the discretion of my liquidators”. I do NOT wish for my body to be buried. My express wishes are as follows:

  • My body is to be cremated as soon as possible after death;
  • Half of my ashes are to be scattered somewhere peaceful on Mont Royal, Montreal, QC, Canada;
  • The other half of my ashes are to be scattered somewhere peaceful by the sea in the south of England. I leave the location to the discretion of my surviving family members. In the event of disagreement my mother, Diane Gardner [hereafter Diane], shall have the final say. If Diane predeceases me then I will duly amend this addendum to my Will naming another with final say.
  • My ashes are to be scattered with those of my dog, Booter, which can be found in a box on my desk at home; and
  • There is to be no gravesite or marker in the ground, in any location, to commemorate my death. It would, however, make me very happy if a tree were planted somewhere peaceful, either in Montreal or England or both, for anyone who wants to go to a physical place to remember me.

–          Regarding my Apple desktop computer, my laptop PC and my iPhone, my express wish is as follows:

  • The hard drives on all three devices are to be completely erased, preferably by their physical destruction, in their entirety and without being accessed first by anyone. With my Will I will leave (i) a USB key with files of my writing and other important documents and (ii) a DVD-ROM(s) containing all of my my photographs and music. Both the USB key and DVD-ROM are for the exclusive access of my daughter, Rhiannon Bowers [hereafter Rhiannon], and Diane. However, I leave it to the discretion of Rhiannon and Diane to share these files, photographs and music with anyone of their choosing. If Rhiannon and Diane predecease me then I will duly amend this addendum to my Will naming another to access and distribute this material.

–          Regarding two DVD-ROMs, both titled “PC Files Back-up”, one of which will be found in my desk drawers at home and the other in a pocket of my knapsack, my express wish is as follows:

  • Both DVD-ROMs are to be physically destroyed and disposed of and without being accessed first by anyone.

–          Regarding my “foster child”, Mashiha Zakir [hereafter Mashiha] residing in Calcutta, India, who I support through Children’s International:

  • Section III of my Will states: “I bequeath to my daughter, Rhiannon Sydney BOWERS, all of my property, movable and immovable, hereby constituting her my sole universal legatee”. Notwithstanding this Section, it is my express wish that payments to Children’s International continue, in the amount of USD $25.00/month, until Mashiha attains the age of 18 years old or completes high school if the former predates the latter. During this period, it is also my express wish that Mashiha receive an additional USD $50.00 every year on the date of her birthday.

–          Regarding my Facebook account, my express wish is as follows:

  • If Rhiannon has not attained the age of 18 years old at the time of my death: measures are taken to keep open the account until Rhiannon attains the age of 18 years old at which point she can assume responsibility for its administration and can deactivate/delete it at any time of her choosing thereafter.
  • If Rhiannon has attained the age of 18 at the time of my death: the account falls to Rhiannon to administer or deactivate/delete at any time at her discretion.

Regarding my accounts

On the USB key mentioned above, there will be a file entitled ‘Accounts’ which will contain ALL of my accounts, their passwords, access codes and other instructions, to be closed (or administered – i.e. Facebook & Children’s International). The ‘Accounts’ file will itself require a password to access and Rhiannon (upon attaining the age of 18 years old), Diane and the liquidators of my succession will be given this password.


To the family and friends I predecease: do not mourn for me for I will be at peace. If nothing else, I have had a reasonably colourful life and if you want to do something to remember me by: do something audacious, bold, impulsive, adventurous, risqué, etc. Something you would not otherwise do but have always really wanted to do deep down inside. It would please me greatly.

Finally, I apologize to those I have hurt at times along the way. I do not believe I have a malicious heart but it is one susceptible to the vagaries of emotion. This can sometimes lead to reckless and harmful behavior that I regret. Forgive me if you can.

Andrew Bowers, 30 March 2013


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