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Deep Freeze – Part I

It all began the day I performed an amniocentesis in my modest medical clinic in the small town of Herring’s Jaw. The needle had penetrated Claudia’s abdominal wall and the uterus and just as I was about to draw the … Continue reading

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A Day to Remember

“Alright, you mugs,” said Chris gruffly as he strode into the room, the crimson red cape of his Superman costume flowing majestically behind him. Standing before him, all fiddling with their costumes and grumbling, was a motley band of superheroes. … Continue reading

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I love you, Rhiannon

You make everything in this crippled world worthwhile. Daddy – xoxo  

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The Performance

It was almost time for him to take the stage and he sat in his expansive dressing room staring grimly into the lightbulb-ringed mirror as his staff fretted around him, plucking at his clothes, touching up his makeup and spraying … Continue reading

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