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Another Letter to a Friend

Dear Mikey, It was 7 years ago I met you and Rod (“Grumpy”), through John (“Irish John”), at our beloved Pub Victoria. I think it was on that very 1st day we met that I discovered why you were nicknamed “Slash”. … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze – Part IV

Leah’s sister, Angeline, and her husband, Malcolm, both devout Catholics, were furious when they discovered that Leah had been cremated. They were even more incensed when I rejected their plan to have the ashes buried in the town’s cemetery and … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze – Part III

Because Leah had died of unnatural causes, the very next day the city coroner’s office, over my vehement objections, ordered an autopsy and a pathologist was dispatched to Herring’s Jaw to perform it. I knew all too well how the … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze – Part II

I spent the next few days, and mostly sleepless nights, tense and jittery. Whenever the phone rang, my heart leapt up in my throat in the breathless expectation of it being Claudia bawling into the receiver that she had begun … Continue reading

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