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Deep Freeze – Part VIII

“Push, Claudia! Push!!” urged Helen, the midwife who was assisting me in Claudia and Brody’s cramped, almost claustrophobic, bedroom. The cervix was almost fully dilated and I could see the crown of the turnip-shaped head which, I noted with relief, … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze – Part VII

The panic turned out to be nothing more than Claudia passing her cervical mucus plug (or operculum), a mass that fills and seals the cervical canal during pregnancy and deters the passage of bacteria to the uterus. As is perfectly … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze – Part VI

Much to the chagrin of my professor friend, I decided to keep the poem “all to myself” as reading it in solitude was one of the few means by which I was able to temporarily staunch my grief, which continued … Continue reading

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Deep Freeze – Part V

Over the following days and weeks I did my best to quell the riot of dark emotions roiling within me by working longer than usual hours at the clinic. When I got home in the evenings, after walking Ben, I … Continue reading

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