I am a traveler

I walk thousands of miles


Through the bone yards in the desert sands

Through the steaming jungle breathing at night

Over the jagged mountain peaks

Across the arctic ice and snow

In and out of forests dark and deep

Caves, volcanoes and chasms steep


I am finding you


I am a traveler

I travel far and wide


Fly across the star swollen sky

Trudge the surface of the crater-pocked moon

Swim the black depths of the Mariana Trench

Dig down into the core of the earth

Wander with the dead in the underworld

Consult with witches, wizards and ghosts


I am finding you


I am a traveler

It has been years and years…


I arrive at your city at night

Your gates swing open

And you let me in


You say:

“It’s been so long, where have you been?

Take my hand, it’s time to go

I am a traveler too

Now I travel with you

Round and round these worlds we’ll go

Never stop and never grow old…”


I am found in you.


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